Tuesday, November 11, 2014


CAN YOU BELIEVE WE HAVE HIT NOVEMBER???  Where is the time going!!!!  News in Juarez - November brings cold!!!!  I AM FREEZING!!!!!!!!!  I think my body is so use to the boiling hot that when a little cold comes around I am dying..... my companion told me she doesn't believe that I am from Utah!  But we are doing our best; I bought some tights and I am getting my boots fixed today and all is well in the City of Enoch!!  (well - one day Enoch....)

This week was a good one; my companion was a little bit sick, but she is feeling better and we are out and about doing what servants of the Lord do!!!!  (TALK TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!)  Today we were in Costco, and we were talking about California (that is where Sister Ellsworth is from) and some random guy came up to us and told us he is also from Cali.  We had a good little chit chat,  gave him a Book of Mormon, and I am pretty sure he is going to get baptized!  People are searching for the gospel!  And not just here in Juarez, but in little old Brigham City!  AND JUST THINK!!!!  WE HAVE THIS AMAZING THING THEY ARE SEARCHING FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)  But the guy in Costco was pretty awesome and he says he goes to Puerto Vallarta a ton, so pretty much I think he is our relative or something, I told him we could meet up there one day... (that is if grandma and pa still have the lovely time share!!!!)  I think vacations to Mexico would be a whole new experience now that I can actually talk to the people and know the crazy thing they say about us “white peeps”!!!!!

Hmmmmmm - what else happened this week????  We had the mission leadership meeting on Thursday and Friday and then today is the zone conference!!!!  (I absolutely love all of the meetings that we have; they are so uplifting and you learn a ton!!!!)  Oh also.... hahahaha - yesterday we had a cool experience!  So our church starts at 10 so at 9 we called Rafa y Jose (if you remember who they are) to wake them up to tell them to come to church.  Jose starts laughing and tells me, “Hermana Sutton, we are here at the church waiting for you guys....” (Remember, it is 9, one hour before the meetings start!!)  He said he was just so excited that they decided to go early!  AWESOME RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NOT ONLY THAT THEY CAME TO CHURCH BUT THAT THEY EVEN BEAT US THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Rafa and Jose are doing great; we just need to get them married!  Also, this week the Jehovah’s Witnesses stopped by their house and Rafa told them that she was really sorry and respected what they had to say, but that she is a Mormon and isn't going to change!!!  So yup we just need to get them in the water; they are so ready!!!!!!!

Oh yesterday also, in the afternoon we had a missionary meeting with a few families of our ward and the counselor of President, and we prepared a special musical number with the flute and everything and we shared stories of conversion!  Of course I shared Dad's story and well the whole congregation was in tears!  The spirit was so strong, and I really think that we took a huge step with the members!  I wish I could explain to you how strong I felt the love of the Savior in that meeting!!!!  I think it was one of the most spirit filled meetings I have ever been in.  I KNOW OUR FATHER IS LEADING THIS WORK, AND WOW IS HE HASTENING IT!!!!!!!!!

…. 1 ….  Is there anything you would love me to send down in the next package?    

 HMMMMMMMM - CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WARM CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

 …. 2 ….  If you were a guessing gal, do you think you & your companion will stay or be transferred on the next rotation?

HMMMMMM - that is a tough one.... but I don't think so!  I think we will be together for Christmas! :)  But who really knows!
I think that is about it folks!!!!  OH YEAH, and I mentioned we went to Costco today!!!!  (oh, and I got my debit card, the first thing I bought on it was a mango smoothie at COSTCO!!!!!!!! )  THANK YOU I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The church is true. I know it is.

Hermana Sutton


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