Monday, May 19, 2014

New Area & New Companion :)

How are we doing this week, fam fam???  The sun is shining here and sounds like it is there.  It is starting the hot season so pretty much all my sweaters are in my suitcases and aren´t going to come out until.... well, probably October!  WEIRD HUH!!!!!!!  But I am getting tan and everyday I am looking and sounding more like a MEXICAN!!!!!!!! :)  one day maybe... hahaha 

Like everyone knows we are in a new area; it actually is right next to Estacion (my old area).  We go to the same capilla and everything, but this area is a lot different.  There aren´t hardly anyone in the streets and hardly any stores either.  But I am close to home and I see a lot of familiar faces!  Even though we are close, we hardly ever know where we are at....  We are learning the streets and trying to find houses.  But why not right??  It´s part of the mission of being lost ;) hahaha  We started at pretty mucho zero.  Our area book didn’t have anything in it!  NOTHING!  hahaha  But we are finding and knocking a little (don´t tell) and soon enough we will be pros!!  hahaha

My new companion is from Guatemala!!! (yup another Guatamalteca) haha  Her name is Hermana Estrada, and she is great!  She just started her mission, but she is an expert!  She is a little quite and really patient. (pretty much the opposite of me! )  hahaha  I’m just kidding! Haha  But we get along really well and are happy to be companions.  I think I have become crazier from being her companion, because she is so calm and quite! (someone’s got to be the crazy one right??) hahaha

The ward here is really great!  We have 4 missionaries in this ward! (2 Elders and us)  It is something new to get use to, but I like it!  Sometimes I wish I was an elder and could wear pants!!! (hahahahaha)  But there is a lot of work in our area, and our ward is really involved in the Work!  It is incredible and such a blessing! 

So yup.... that is my week!!!  IT HAS BEEN SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!  But great :)  There is nothing like seeing the miracles of the Lord, it makes everything worth it!  The Savior knows how it feels to be in a brand new area and be lost always ;) hahaha  I am growing and enjoying and smiling always!!!!!!!! :)

I love you and you are always in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Sutton

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