Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Great SKYPE Yesterday

Are you missing me yet??   Hahahahaha  It was SOOOOO good to see you yesterday!   The funny thing was, at first when I was talking to you I had no idea where you were in our house!  Like I couldn´t imagine it!  WEIRD!!! hahaha  But it was good to hear your voices and make sure everything is going good!  The familia Carballo wanted to make sure you know that I am doing great and they are taking care of me :)  They really are amazing and such a miracle!  It was great that you got to meet them...  They were so excited to see you and try and talk to you. 

First off let me tell you something I didn´t have enough time to yesterday!  I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVER DONE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!  You have no idea how much I appreciate your examples and your help!  I never wonder if you are there or if you love me; I know without a doubt in my mind you guys are always there.  I wish I could explain how much I love you and care about you.  I know it is so hard to be far away from each other, but can´t you just see all the miracles the Lord is working in our lives!  He is the reason we are happy and progressing, we HAVE TO go through hard times or we will never progress.  This is part of His perfect plan He has for us!  There isn´t a doubt in my mind that I was put in our family for a reason; I know the Lord knows EXACTLY what we need and when we need it!

I don´t have much to say because, well... we talked yesterday... but I am getting a new companion tomorrow!  Today Hermana Soto and I are going to Juarez to pick them up and then we will return in the morning!  Her name is Estrada!  We will be in the area “Libertad”!  Libertad is right next to Estacion!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am close!!!  I am a little nervous to be in a brand new area, but I am mostly excited!!  The Lord trusts me (scary but true).  He only puts us to the things we can handle!!!

I love you family!  YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Con todo el amor en mi corazon...

Hermana Sutton (the gringa as everyone calls me here)

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