Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Competition of "TAZAS DE TE" - Tea Set? Her English is Slipping


Once a Sutton always a Sutton!!!  (We are running around like crazies, talking to everyone and not having a moment to spare!!)  BUT WE ARE LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!  This week was a super super super quick one!!  We have no idea what happened; I think that maybe Heavenly Father put on the fast forward button!!  WHAT IS HE THINKING???? ;) hahaha  I wish it would slow down a bit!!  But we are doing great and enjoying the wonderful weather of winter without a coat!!! (knock on wood....)  As for the happenings of this week...

We started out with an amazing experience with Carlos; we went to teach him about Jesus Christ and Father in Heaven.  (The basics are the key!)  We went through the lesson and he was loving it all, he was sharing some amazing experiences and wow, it really was great!  To end the lesson he said the prayer and it honestly was one of the most powerful prayers I have ever heard.  He was literally talking to our Father in Heaven.  He said, "I know that you know me, I have seen your miracles in my life..... but I want to know you.  Help me to be more worthy to know you personally so that we can work together as a team."  ISN'T THAT THE SWEETEST!!!!!!!  He really is such a great guy!!  We are working lots and lots with him and we are seeing progress!!! :)

We also are starting to teach all of the members the missionary lessons!  (I am not sure if I already mentioned that....) but this week we went and taught the bishop and his wife!!  WOW - WHAT A POWERFUL EXPERIENCE!!!  They are both amazing, ex-missionaries, and leaders for the ward!  But it really was something special to be there with them and know how they gained their testimonies.  They are examples to us; the bishop is a convert of about 5 years and couldn’t be stronger!!!  We are blessed to be in their ward!

On Friday it rained.... A LOT!!!!!!!!!  We had planned to have a ward activity at the church, but sadly all the rain came about 30 minutes before the activity!  (SAD DAY!!!)  We still had the activity, but just with the few members and investigators there!  It was fun!!  We had a competition of TAZAS DE TE....Oh dang I forgot the word... like little mugs for tea! hahahahaha - maybe a tea set??? hahahah  BUT IT WAS FUN AND EVERYONE HERE HAS OLD TAZAS SO IT WAS FUN TO SEE THEM ALL AND GET TO KNOW EVERYONE BETTER!!!

Yesterday we had an amazing meeting with the President!!  Wow it is true that God answers our prayers; my companion and I have been praying to know how to help our ward better and to become the best missionaries that we can, and we both felt the whole time that he was talking to us!!  We got back to our house at night and we both were pretty much in tears because we saw the hand of the Lord in our lives so literally!!  I know I am not even beginning to explain the whole experience BUT IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here are a few scriptures that the President shared with us!!!  (I know how much you love to read scriptures ;)  DYC 93:1, ISAIAH 40: 29-31 , JEREMIA 1:5

But there you go for my ramble ramble of the week!!!  We are doing great as always and learning more and more every day!!  I can testify to all of you that we truly have a
Father in Heaven that loves us and He ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS!!!!!!  I know I am a daughter of God, and even though I am crazy and so imperfect and sleep talk at night HE LOVES ME FOR BEING ME!!  AND YOU GUYS FOR BEING YOU!  REMEMBER HIM ALWAYS!!!

Hermana Sutton

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